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[Letter from Young John Allen to church leaders from the SE region]

Atlanta, GA
7/11, 1906

My Dear Brother:

I take the liberty of addressing you on the subject of this letter because I am assured you have both the disposition and the and the ability to do liberal things in promotion of the Kingdom of our Lord. I feel sure you will give the matter favourable consideration.

Our Univeristy at Suchow, China, has reached a point of development where another building is imperatively needed at once, and the Chinese (the heathen themselves) challenge us by an offer of $5,000 if we will secure as much from the Church. Not to meet their challenge would be something worse than the loss of the building; it would discredit us before them.

The Board of Missions has liad upon me, during my brief stay in the home-land, the task of raising the amount. I wish to complete the matter in time to be present at the China Conference at Huchow on October 3rd and lay the money down then. To accomplish this I must get out $5,000 within the next thirty days. In order to accomplish this end I am writing to some of my brethren to help me by raising small amounts in their charges, you being one upon whom I feel I can depend in such a moment of urgency. Will you not raise for this purpose at least $25 and send it to me at once. My address being for the next several days, Atlanta, Ga, in care of the Wesleyen Christian Advocate.

Thanking you in advance for your brotherly assistance, I am,

Yours fraternally,

Young J. Allen View image of page Rev. B.f. Fraser, Gainesville, Ga. " U/G. Foote, lexington Ky. " Fletcher Walton, LaGrange, Ga. " R.B.O. England, Conyers, Ga. " Joel T. Daves, Milledgeville, Ga. " O.C. McGehee D.D. Mobile, Alabama " S.H. Werlein, Austin, Texas " E.D. Mouzon, San Antonio, Texas " J.W. Perry, Knoxville, Tenn. " W.F. Lloyd D.D. Bowling Green, Ky. " S.R. Belk, Augusta, Ga. " George H. Spooner, Richmond, Va. " W.J. Young D.D., Richmond, Va. " T. McN. Simpson, Richmond, Va. " W. H. Edwards, Petersburg, Va. yes [added] " R.D. Smart, D.D. Norfolk, Va. " W.E. Thompson, Memphis Tenn. " W. W. Adams, Jackson, Tenn. " J.C. Wilson, Union City, Tenn. " G.T. Sullivan, Paris, Tenn. " H.K. Boyer, Charlotte, N.C. " G.H. Detwiler D.D. Greensboro, N.C. " J.C. Rowe, Salisbury, NC " T.H. Morris, Bonham, Texas " J.J. Clark, Gainesville, Texas " C.S. Wright, Fort Smith, Ark. " W.L. Nelms D.D. Georgetown, Texas. " W.H. Mathews, Waxahachie, Texas. " J.A. Harmon, Waycross, Ga. View image of page Rev. W.R. Hendrix, Birmingham, Alabama. " F.P. Culver, Birmingham, Alabama. " S.E. wasson, Decatur, Ala. yes [added] " J.W. Newman, Gadsden, Ala. " L.C. Branscomb, Talladega, Ala. " J.D. Simpson, Anniston, Ala. " W.P. Lovejoy, D.D. Marietta, Ga. " J.S. French, Chattanooga, Tenn. " F.M. Thomas, Owenboro, Ky. " S.P. Cresap, St. Joseph, Mo. " C.H. Briggs, DD Marshall, Mo. G. Rice D.D., Pastor Court St Church [unclear] , Montgomery, Ala.

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