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[Letter from C.K. Marshall to Young John Allen, November 17, 1868]


Dear Dr Allen,


I announce you the sad tiding our Theon [unclear] Sung Song who has lately moved up to Suchow, died to day about half past 10 Oclock. he had Typhoid fever for only 10 days. & just as I was getting near his house, he breathed his last. his wife came for me & went with her [added] as quickly as I could & sorry to inform you, his wife [added] & his mother has been to Temple to entreat idols for his behalf, & they were burning inscense [sic] [incense] & candles & I told them it was no use. But they continued to do so. & I think they will bury him accordding [sic] [according] to heathen customs, & I advise them not to do it. & I hope they will act accordding [sic] [according] to my words. Pray for his poor wife and children.

I am yours truly C.K. Marshall.

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