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[Letter from Young John Allen to Mrs. Pattillo]

The image of Buddha is bronze- It is 54 ft. high and there is a temple in its body for worship.
Shanghai, China

My dear

Mrs Pattillo,

Only six weeks, and lo! I am at the antipodes - the ultima of distance from you, and a continent and an ocean are between us. What a wonder is modern transportation!

I arrived on the 29th September- Found all well-Caught up with Bp Candler at Nagasaki, Japan, and we arrived together at Shanghai
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I hope you have all gotten well through the summer and are now enjoying such glorious weather as we are now having in October. Our voyage in September, the worst month on land, was most delightful. We had bright calm weather all the way - hardly a white-cap on the sea - nor a swell. The name Pacific was written on sky and sea and was equally appreciated on shipboard, where there was scarcely a "pale" face. Our only discomfort was the overcrowding at times, as between San Francisco and Honolulu, and from Honolulu to Yokohama, because we had to take on the passengers from the stranded Manchuria. We had about 60 Missionaries from Honolulu on to Japan and China. But the crowding was in the staterooms - not on the decks or elsewhere. The Korea is an 18.000 ton ship and fast, having done her 20 knots across the Pacific, making the run from Yokohama straight across to San Francisco in 10 days 10 hours. She and her sister-ship the S.S. Siberia hold the record as yet. I send this letter by her on return, leaving tomorrow = but her speed in ordinary is limited to 15 knots so you need not expect a record run. Hoping that you are all well and enjoying the glorious weather, and that I may hear from you soon.

I remain as ever, with love to the family.

Young J. Allen

P.S. Bp Candler expects to return by the America Maru leaving here 26thinst - Y.J.A.

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