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[Letter from Young John Allen to Mollie Houston, March 5, 1857]

E. C. Oxford Geo.
March 5th 1857

My Dear Mollie

Last night, began a response to your letter and thought then, that perhaps I might be able to write you without much trouble or delay, but I could not finish last night and it so happens now that circumstances over which I can exercise no control, which too were unexpected by me at that time, forbid that I should conclude my letter now, if indeed I be able to do it under a week still in advance. I do exceedingly regret it both on your account as well as mine. I regret that I am compelled to hold you in
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such an unpleasant suspense so long and I regret it on my account because I am debarred the privilege of communing with My Dearest One the very Idol of my being and the "life of all my (sweetest) delights." But I must yield in cheerful obedience to the "powers that be"; and to warn you against the anxieties which my delay might cause in your mind, whe [deleted] if ignorant of the true cause, I send you this hurried line-- to [deleted] hoping that you will pardon (me) and grant me a "week's grace". I have a few items of news, which by the by, is a rare thing with me, don't you think? that I will give you in addition to what I promised, I had in reserve for the next communication. My Dearest, you will receive this perhaps tomorrow (Thursday [deleted] ) and as you failed to answer a few questions in
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my last, I would be more than glad, yes happy, that you would spend a few minutes with me on Saturday morning and write me a short or long letter as your heart or feelings might dictate.-- Please now Dearest, do write me a few lines any how. You know how welcome they will be. I will reply just as soon as possible, yes if it were this very evening.

Yes Mollie, I know Mr. Hightower of the Sen. Class— and by the by he is acquainted with a Miss Kendall of your Sen. Class, perhaps more intimately than I with him.

I find out a secret now and then Mollie. Several of our boys have their hearts centered there. Miss Rylander's SweetHe-- is one of particular friends so is the Cousin of Miss Lundy &c.

I reserve the balance for the anticipated
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time when I can fully express myself-- on all these points.--

You will please My Dearest, Remember me often, and know that at morn and at noon and night I never fail to remember Thee at the Mercy Seat and every hour in the day besides.

Thine in faithful devotion and love forever,

Young J. Allen
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March 5 1857

Miss Mollie Houston
W. F. College

Care of Prest. Smith

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