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[Letter from Young John Allen to Mollie houston, March 24, 1857]

Oxford Geo.
March 24th 1857

My Dearest "Mary"--

I fondly anticipated a letter from you this morning, but as none came, I have thought, perhaps, that you were expecting one from me too, in reply to your last, before you would write.-- I do not Dearest, write you these lines because of any anxiety or impatience but to assure you that I have not times to reply to your last, but will anxiously await the answer to my last, when if I have not time I will take time to reply.--

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I have some fun items of suggestion and observation, had I time to sum up and write them which might be of some interest, now, but I forebear in this brief communication and hold in reserve for the next--.

I have written two letters to Mellie and on last week received one from her.

Mollie, I was very glad when I received it, it has [added] done me good; I intend answering it soon, perhaps this evening. You must write and encourage her often My Dearest, her heart and soul seemed fired up, too, for still higher attainments in a dim [unclear] life. Oh! may the Lord comfort his children and speed on the happy day of the fulness of his love and the joy of his perfection
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in their hearts, (thy heart and soul and hers, my Dearest). Mellie stated that she had not heard from you in two weeks and that she was very uneasy &c.

I must now close this letter by asking you
Do you know Miss Kendall?
" " " F. Williamson?
" " " Mollie Gonder?
Has Miss Rylander yet returned?

Now My Dearest, I shall expect a letter, a longletter from you soon.-- I am affraid [sic] I write too long, too much in my letters, not too much of ideas I do not mean but of [deleted] that I scribble down too much [deleted] little in much- instead of the other better plan of "Multum in parvo" &C.--

My Dearest, Yours Affectionately & Yours Only

Young J Allen
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Mar. 24 1857

Miss Mollie Houston
W. F. College

Care of
Prest. Smith

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