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[Letter from Young John Allen to his (adoptive) parents, December 22, 1869]

Shanghai, China
December 22 1869.

My dear Pa and Mother

You see from the date of this letter that it is only three more days to Christmas, but you will not receive this til sometime in February- It has been a long time since I spent a Christmas with you - nearly 11 years. I hope you are all well and preparing to enjoy the annual holy day - I do so much [gap 4 word page torn] be with you [gap 6 line page torn].
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I am very busy still with my two Chinese newspapers and the large Good [unclear] school in the city, but I enjoy plenty to do and as long as my health keeps [unclear] good shall be delighted to have my hands full- . I believe I told you that I am earning now per month not less than 270 dollars in your currency, and am not suffering for anything.[gap 6 line page torn] fever - Charles Arthur, was his name, our oldest- 6 years and 9 months old - he was sick only a week and was entirely unconscious all the while.

We have now two litle boys one nearly 4 years old. The other a small babe just one month and a [added] few days old.

Mellie has been very well and is now quite [unclear] well grown when [unclear] age.

She is progressing very well in her studies [gap 6 line page torn].

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I have written you several letters this year, but have received none as yet. I hope you will let me hear from you occasionally.

Where is Allen? And why does he not write? I have written him a long letter. I have not heard from Uncle Carter either for a long time. Hope you are all well and happy.

So I will close by wishing [gap 6 line page torn]

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