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[Letter from Young John Allen to Mollie Houston, February 19, 1857]

E. C. Oxford Ga.
Feb. 19 1857

My Dear Mollie,

I take this opportunity, as I have not time to write a regular letter, to address you a few lines.

I should long ago, have written again, but tantalizing hope, kept suggesting that I should get a letter from you, "on the next morning," and so I've been delaying, in great anxiety, to hear a second time from you, for several reasons,-- But as Matt. [unclear] wrote me the other day that you had written to her and she to you, but had not re'cd any response, I concluded that you intend letting us hear from you soon. And with the exception of this manifestation otherwise, I quietly and patiently await your opportunity and pleasure to write, knowing that you will not delay under favorable or even ordinary circumstances.

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As we were disappointed in the anticipated celebration of my birth day, suppose we celebrate yours as we intended for mine.

Please, Dearest, write me how you intend celebrating it, and I will, though some distance from you, try to participate in spirit with you; Let's set it apart as a holy day, of fasting and prayer, of renewed consecration and devotion to God-- and thereby begin the new year of life with a closer walk, and sweeter communion, a holier, more confiding trust in the Lord.

Please, Mollie, write me on Friday evening or night so that your letter may leave there on Saturday evening and be sure to reach me on Monday, which is your birth day. I am more than anxious to hear from you and do please write me a long
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letter, just such a one as you would like yourself under the circumstances, and thus carry out the Precept of our Savior--"do unto others as you would they should do unto you."--

I hope you will get this on tomorrow and respond at night immediately.

When I write you a letter and [deleted] in [added] reponse to the one I shall anticipate on Monday, or perhaps the one I am now anticipating may come tomorrow morning, if so when I respond to one or either this or that, I will give you a more lengthy detail of matters both at home (here) and abroad, (at Gran). You must please write me very soon.--

Happily, I remain Ever Your own Devoted

Young J. Allen

Miss Mollie Houston

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