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[Letter from J. Chinoa to Young John Allen, July 29, 1895]

Japanese Consulate General Shanghai
July 29, 1895

Rev. Y.J. Allen D.D.L.L.D.
My dear Dr.

I thank you heartily for your kind letter and the information of the present whereabouts of my old freind [sic] [friend] , Mr. Whang. I have already written to him and trust will soon hear from him.

With reference to your request to obtain copies of official publications relating the recent war, I beg to send herewith the copy of the Declaration of War in both Japanese and English. There is none translated into Chinese.

Some of the members of my
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office desire to pursue the study of the English conversation under suitable tutor. Do you have among your acquaintances some competent person willing to give lessons? If you do, will you be so good as to let me know under what condition, will he give lesson say for an hour every day at his own home?

Thanking you in advance for your good offices, I beg to remain
Yours Sincerely

J. Chinoa.

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