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[Letter from Tsoong Kia Tsing to Young John Allen, December 10, 1891]

916 Washington Street
San Francisco, Cal.

Dec. 10th, 1891

Rev. Y. J. Allen DD
Dear Teacher


Since I wrote you the last one in Yokohama, I had a pleasant trip across the Pacific ocean. I arrive [sic] [arrived] here last Sunday morning, but I was kept on board until yesterday. After we arrived in San Francisco, the Custom officer came and took away all our passports. He let all the Japanese went [sic] [go] away but keep [sic] [kept] all the Chinese on the steamer. The next day he came again and examined
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us. He asked me many questions and also [added] took away any introducing letters. He took Mr. Masters and Dr. Hannon's letters for evidences. The next day the examiner came again and wrote down all the statement which I have told him and then I signed my name. On the same day (i.e. Tuesday) I wrote a letter to Mr. Masters and so he came down the steamer to see me. I told him the statement and he went down to [added] the Customs to see the collector. Mr. Masters told me to remove my things to his house after I landed yesterday. I came on shore
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and remove any things to Mr. Master's house. I am now living in the Y.M.C.A. room. The native christians (Cantonese) are so kind to me especially the native preacher Mr. Cahn and they all [added] treated me by term [sic]

I was told that Dr. Hannon is not in this city. He went to somewhere else on account of his bad health so I will not go & see him. But I will try to go and see Bishop Fitzgerald today. I hope I will stay here two or three day [sic] [days] and going up to Ga.

Well, as China is [deleted] will leave here today, I think I must bring my letter to
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a close and hope to write again when I reached Ga.

Hoping you are all well. Please remembering me to the teachers and pupils.
With best regard
Believe me my dear teacher.

I am
Your most obt pupil
Tsoong Kia Tsing

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