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[Letter from T. H. Yun to Young John Allen, September 12, 1891]

9/12 -- 91

Rev. Dr Y. J. Allen.
My dear Doctor;

After having visited nearly 30 different towns--most of them small--in Va, Tenn, Md, and Ky, I am here. I came by Atlanta the day before yesterday; and am sorry that I could not see Mrs Allen.

My summer travels were a pleasant experience in my life. The collections after my talk on Corea [sic] [Korea]
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Ranged between $3.00 and $25.00. The latter sum occurred few and far between; but as the points I touched at were not far apart I could pay my traveling expenses of all sorts, and come to the College with $180.00. If I could manage to visit some towns in Ga during the session, I might be able to pay my way thro this year. Or at least I might get something to pay sundry expenses.

One of the [added] pleasant features of my summer work was the interest and pleasure which many persons manifested on account of their having heard you some years
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ago. Many told me that they were glad to see me from the school on whose behalf you spoke to them. A young intelligent looking man came up to me after the lecture in a church of Louisville, and said that he was glad to see and hear me because he, after having heard your lecture years ago, had always wished to meet a man brought to Christ thro you and your comrades.

In Lynchburg, I had the pleasure of forming an acquaintance with Miss Fannie [unclear] Earl and her brother. They spoke of you in the most enthusiastic terms.

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The recent riots and uncertainty of affairs in China seem to have very discouraging effect on the friends of missions here. I shall be happy to learn more definitely about the "whereunto" of the disturbance so that I may be able to give needed answers to many inquiries on the subject.

Praying for your good health and happiness,
I remain
Yours very sincerely

T. H. Yun .

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