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[Letter from T.H. Yun to Young John Allen, November 8, 1890]

Nov. 8th: 90

Rev. Dr Allen
My Dear Sir;

I have the pleasure of acknowledging the receipt of your welcome letter of the 23d Sept. a few days ago.

Many thanks for the interest you take in my education. As to the choice of the school I shall leave it altogether to your judgment. Any of the Colleges you named will, I presume, suit my purpose. In your own time, please let me know where and how I may proceed for the accomplishment of my object. Having said this much I may only add that were I to consult my own inclinations I would prefer Emory & Henry, Va. or Emory, Ga. to others.

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When I was in Shanghai, my chief care was to be out of debt. Once in, since I came here, my fear is that I may have to stop before getting an education. The moment I leave America I shall bid farewell to all facilities and opportunities for a college training. This makes me anxious for taking up some academic studies in a smaller school.

Whether my wishes can be realized or not in this respect, I shall always, for the kindesses I owe you, remain

Yours gratefully

T. H. Yun.

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