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[Letter from T.H. Yun to Young John Allen]

Jan. 18 1889

Revd Dr. Allen
My dear sir,

Your welcome letter came to hand this morning with your cheering smile on its pages.

On account of our intermediate examinations I have been a little busy for a week or so past and shall continue so, I expect, until it is over.

Your fatherly advice deserves my heartiest thanks specially as I know how well you are qualified to guide me and how much you are interested in my welfare.
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Shall consider it my bounden duty to go by your instructions as best as I can.

I shall be mighty glad to be acquainted with those whose names you so kindly mentioned, yet I can not persuade myself to call on them without any business.

My shyness has been intensified by my aversion to the manners of some who, besides absorbing the film or froth of foreign customs and manners, cast away their native modesty and politeness. Of course others' going to one extreme is not,
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or should not be an excuse why I should go to another extreme, but you know there is something in our nature which we can't shake off.

That many prefer Japan to China for their mission field is very apparent, and Japan needs them. But it has been my good fortune to meet some consecrated young men in the Hall who take a great deal interest in China mission.

We had a few days ago some missionary lectures delivered here by a young man from India
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and they awakened zeal in many a bosom, though the effect of the meetings remains to be seen.

Bishop McTyeire is improving very well, I am told.

When I get through my examinations I shall have the pleasure to write you again. In the meantime wishing and praying for your happiness and that your family.

I remain Sir
Yours affectionately

T.H. Yun.

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