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[Letter from Young John Allen to George Gilman Smith, Jr.]

July 31, 1880

My dear George,

Your letter of June 9th reached me July 22d. I rejoice with you in your wonderful revival. You and Johnnie Heidt seem to have access to the fountain of blessings. Johnnie was much exercised during my visit on the subject of accepting a Presidency or Professorship in some college, several such opportunities having offered. As a friend I strongly urged him to stick to the ministry, for which he was eminently qualified. He has had two years of great success at Trinity. Johnnie is a good man. I love him dearly. How I delight to read to [deleted] the Wesleyan. It is like a great family letter to me -- so many of my dear old friends appear in it.

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Dr. Haygood has finaly [sic] told me who the writers are that use a nom de plume so I recognize them as old friends, mostly the "boys" of the early and later classes of Emory. What a whole record Emory is making for itself. It has now entered a new field. How I shall rejoice to welcome the 3 apprenters [unclear] for the China Mission. Well done old Georgia! The missionary revival is sweeping [unclear] the country I see. Haygood & Wilson have stirred up the slumbering energies of our people. They are responding cheerfully. Men and means will be found for the emergency. Wide is the door. Urgent the call. China alone is a pagan world. Continue my dear brother to urge forward the grand cause. Lift high the banners of the Lord. To the ends of the earth is our Call.

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My new Church continues to prosper. Day Schools and Sunday School crowded and full of encouragement. Forty-four adults have been enrolled during the past six months. Five baptisms on the 4th July.

I am now alone. My family having gone to a milder climate for the summer. All our missionaries have fled but me. I never learn my part. The hotter it is the harder I work. China agrees wonderfully with me. You must forgive a short letter this time. Look out for Dr. Wilson's Book. You will see something there from me. That will, possibly, interest you. I refer to the Introduction. See for yourself. This much I tell you privately. Hope the blessing of God our Father will abide on you and [gap 1 word torn page] make your labors a [gap 2 word torn page] successful.


Young J. Allen

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