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[Letter from Young John Allen to George Gilman Smith, Jr.]

Feb. 24 1880

My Dear George,

Your letter of the 8th Jan. from Gainesville is at hand. Thanks for writing so promptly. I saw by the list of appointments that you had been sent to the Blue Ridge. So much for your racy letters from that region last Fall. You were doubtless thought to be the man for that place. Some men are placed on what they are pleased to call inferior stations that they may make them superior. You remember some old Greek, it was, who said he could not fiddle but he could make a g [deleted] small city become a great state. You are a fundamental brick. How do you like that title. You must not say I call you names, for in more senses than one the title suits you, and is compl[gap 1 letter corner folded]
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mentary. You are essentially a builder - a builder up - and wise Bishops have discernment. I shall expect to hear a good report from that region at the close of the year or before. You are in the Pauline succession and a rehearsal of you exploits at the next Conference will justify the man and the appointment.

Would that I could have been present at the last Conference. I would as much like to see all the brethern [unclear] .

Yes, I have read the articles by Ruskin. They have a range beyond the persons and the occasion that called them forth. You will doubtless get some fat [unclear] thoughts or suggestions from them. What a luxury is a thoughtful article - full of meat and juicy. Vapid, verbose essays I cannot endure, but condensed terse, strong, well articulated sound sense is my delight.

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Tell me particulars about the Wesleyan. How is it getting on? How is Atticus succeeding? He is a grand man, a fine robust Editor, broad minded and strong minded as he is broad in shoulder and sturdy in build. But he is actually over worked. He does not know it -- is a willing soul who sees so much to do that he does not spare himself -- rather forgets himself entirely. But I am anxious to know particulars of the Wesleyan. These I must ask of you for the paper will not divulge them of course.

Give me a little critique occasionally on men and things. All sugar is but of doubtful relish [unclear] . Let me know both sides. It is easy to find fault. Easy to say pleasant things. Natural statements, or things as they are I prefer.

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We are [added] now expecting the new missionaries. They will be here this week - in [added] 3 or 4 days now. How delighted we shall be to meet them. Our house is ready to take in the other Georgians, who will doubtless remain with us for the winter.

Wishing you another year of unbounded blessing and hoping to have the pleasure of hearing from you regularly [unclear] as of you, and with love to your dear wife & family [gap 1 word illegible] me [unclear] my dear George ever and always.

Your Affect'at Brother

Young J. Allen

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