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[Letter from Young John Allen to Mollie Houston]

Mary Dear;

I have nothing more to write thee now save I tell thee my health is still increasing which is the most glorious news to "me". You will be surprised when you see me again; I was but a skeleton while I was at home, I've recovered so fast since I've been here some of the boys say I'm "bloated", but they mistake it is but nature assuming her throne, and health blooming again on my cheeks. Expect not to see too great [unclear] a change lest you be disappointed, there is more change of feeling than appearance.

Mollie You may choose the next subject of Discussion, - we'll not, if you say so, say anything more on the other. Write very soon in answer to this, Give my Love to Miss Stow [unclear] again, if she'll accept it; Give the General news there Mollie, tell em al aout the girls; Who's going to see Miss Virginia now and who Miss Kansas [unclear] the other. tell me all aout them it will be very interesting to me, and I know you. I must now close. Then farewell, Mollie, the dearest friend I ever knew; Remember me, Mollie.

Be sure and write soon. Forever thine - ad eternum [unclear] . Some of my Friends are going out home with me at vacations perhaps, to see you, they have seen you Ty [deleted] fro, but rather see the "rejende [unclear] , they are taking in Mollie.

Your truest Best Friend I love

Allen Y. J. Allen Emory College Geo.

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