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[Letter from Young John Allen to Mollie Houston]

That ringlet of thy hair I still preserve in sweet remembrance.

It's raining in torrents; I am alone: my my [sic] mind and whole heart is with thee. A little grillums [unclear] on the hearth is the only companion I have of this late hour, to cheer the solitude of my little abode; Nay I am not alone, they presence haunts me; thy type dispels the gloom of solitude, and transports me to other days when I was so happy by thy side and in thy presence. Tell me Mollie what they have asked you about us being engaged and what they have said about us, be sure in your next, I know they have said Something some of them. What is it ? Mollie.

I will ever remember thee Dear Mollie. There are 5 us [sic] boarding here, and at 9 oclock we all meet in one of our rooms and hold prayers. I think Dear it is a great blessing, or that is, many blessings are attendant on it. I will never cease to remember thee at that hour now in private. and Oh! may's then soon obtain the blessing of Religion, the pardon of all thy sins, and may'st then be a 'burning & shining sight' and may may [sic] be brought home to God by thy example and influences. Read the Bible much Mollie Dear, and Meditate on it, and you'll be strengthened every time. Remember me, and may we together
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in sweet counsel gladly wander up and down in this world of sorrows and finally we enter through our Lord the portals of the New Jerusalem to the ever lasting eace and rest of God's dear children, let us Dearest, take counsel with each other concerning our spiritual welfare and etenal destiny; I have none other in whom I have a greater interest; should we live to go forth together Dear Mollie, I do not know where our lot my be cast in this world but let us rest our hopes upon some sure peace of rest and reward in the world above, yes Mollie, let us ever strive to live for God and the advancement of his cause, and let our faces and progress ever be Zimward [unclear] and let our conversation be not of a common place character, but ever the pure and ennobling not stooping to worthless things, to force a smile or to entertain our gr'daz [unclear] friends who sport [unclear] at the profession we have made, no Mollie, let us guard well one thoughts for they also heard in heaven; Read the 5th &6th chapters of Ephesians for instruction on this. Yes dearest Mollie, let us never give sanction in any manner to a sinful act of any kind to our friends, but let us discuontenance it, and live above such - for verily it will not be without its reward. Go on then Mollie, persevering in the path of duty regardless of the censure and scoff of thy worldly friends, I once was like the and decided the Christian follower. But thanks God, Dear Mary, I can say I have been awakened, and know there is reality in it, then heed them. Dearest is the counsel of thy truest Dearest Friend.

Y. J. Allen

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