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[Letter from Young John Allen to Molly Houston, August 02, 1856]

Saturday evening, August 2nd 1856

My Dearest One,

I need offer no apology for what I am now performing, for I am sure more will be required suffice this there as it is. I am once more in town and have a slight opportunity of sending you a short communication which I will in this briefly do. I want to see you very bad, I want to be with you, but fearing lest I should act by going [added] imprudently, I will send you this note requesting that you send me as soon as is convenient a reply.

Dearest Mollie, I have been all the week engaged in our meeting at prospect which is still gloriously progressing, I have been endeavouring to prove faithful to my promise and my soul to my Savior and work for his cause, I have been conducting a prayer meeting held by the young men [added] in the grove of an evening before preaching for 3 evenings now, and on last night we had a gracious visitation in our midst out there I was exceedingly happy Dear One, and was enabled to renew my strengths and my efforts struggling with penitents and mourners at the altar. Oh! It was a glorious time to my soul last night.

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Oh I am exceedingly anxious to see you that I may talk with and tell you of my hopes and my prospects. My heart has often been enabled to go up to God in prayer for you Dear Beloved one since I saw you, that he may be your comfort and exceeding great reward in all your affliction and sorrow. I never did in all my life feel so entirely cut loose from the world as I do now. God Bless you now my Only One, and may he establish you at all times and everywhere and make you a whole-hearted-devoted, useful active working Christian is the sincere daily prayer from your Faithful and devoted forever unchanging Y.A.

I will come at whatever time you may see fit to appoint be sure and tell me Mollie if it be in your power you know that although I want to be with you so anxiously yet I would not in my over anxiousness act improperly or unwisely nor unadvisedly, so Mollie now you must advise me. I have written this in great haste for I have to leave now to get back to our prayer meeting to night. God Bless and keep you forever. Farewell for a few days

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Grantville GA
Aug 2 '56

Miss Mollie Houston

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