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[Letter from Young John Allen to Mollie Houston, June 15, 1857]

E. C. Oxford Geo.
June 15th 1857

My own Dear One,

I should have answered your letter gladly long before now, but I wished when I wrote to accompany the letter with a Catalogue, designating the Speakers &c for Commencement, and so have been delayed till this morning, which happens to be a very unfortunate hour for writing to you. I shall then Dearest, be very brief, for time is short for writing. I have a great deal to do. I think we shall have mutually to excuse each other from long letters now; I will not then expect nor require long ones from you nor must you from me.
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I shall not let you off however from writing me short ones, for I cannot do without hearing from you; and I know will [sic] not wish me too will you Mollie?

I received a letter from Matt this morning and Oh! you have no idea how her words burned my very heart; I could not write to her; I try to be impartial, honest, punctual and faithful to my Correspondent. I haven't but few-- but there are times when I cannot write. I wanted to write her a long and interesting letter, and was delayed for very want of time. My time is all occupied. The scenes and antics through which I
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had been passing I thought would excuse me in the past. And now I scarcely know how to write to anyone. I have a speech to write for Commencement, my College antics all to attend to, besides I have got preparation to make this week for the Pulpit on next sabbath and then on the next week I have a like engagement to fill. Oh! where! where! is the time the boasted leisure of the student who attends or would attend to his duties!-- I know you will pardon me My own Mollie.

Well now let me say a few words in reference to Commencement. Matt. says she cannot come, and does not expect to come now- My Mollie
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Fairila [unclear] I don't expect will come. Now how will it be with My Dearest Mary won't she come neither? Now I did want you all to come, and you specially Mollie, but I shall not insist if you do not feel inclined to come since all the others- your friends have given out the notion.

I do want to see you very much, and would be glad to meet you in Atlanta and bring you down if you will come. Now Dearest, please write me fully whether or not you will come and I will be sure to meet you in Atlanta if you will let me.

Be assured you will be among friends here Mollie, if you come
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and that you will be taken good care of for I will do it myself,-- great assurance isnt it. And you shall have the best attention and the best company that can be selected from the young men here to attend you anywhere you may wish to go when I can not with propriety attend you myself. You understand what I mean by propriety.

I want you to come if you will, but if not, it won't be long, no it won't be long before I will come to see you, and be with you.

Please pardon this rambling letter. Write me back immediately all about it-- about your Commencement, your subject for Composition, and please
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? [added] send me a Catalogue.

My Dear Mary, I must close now, and I want to request you to pray much, and very earnestly for me that I may have strength and power to do the will of God in all things boldly and courageously-- and expecially on the next two sabbaths,-- I wish you particularly to remember me.

Write me soon, let me ask again, and tell me, all you can in the letter circumstances may favor you to write- whether in the long or short. I have much I wanted to write you but I must wait now till I see My Mollie face to face then will have a happy time. Oh! how thine only one looks forward to that day.

Yes thine alone I am

Young J Allen
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June 15 57

Miss Mollie Houston
W. F. College
Macon, Georgia

Care of
Prest. Smith

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