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[Letter from Young John Allen to Mollie Houston, April 13, 1857]

Apr. 13 1857

My own Dearest Mollie,

I do thank God, and praise God, that he hath dealt so kindly, so mercifully, and so graciously with [added] our souls. Yes, My Own Mollie, I do bless God that in his Providence I ever knew you. Tis the work of the Lord, and [deleted] that brought us together and Glory be to God, I know tis his Spirit that is leading us on.-- My Dear Mollie, your letter overcame me I was so glad.-- I went away, far away into a thick wood and there praised and blessed God and thanked him that he had heard our prayers and blessed our souls with the fulness of his love and with the joy and
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of a full Salvation, of an entire and accepted consecration, yes of an entire Sanctification of soul and all its powers, of body, time, talents and all our [added] substance and all our interests in the world.-- And just about the time I got your letter, I believe on the very same day, I found out that another one of my friends here had gained the triumph.-- And oh! Glory be to God, Mollie, I have been full all the week, I could scarcely talk, tears of joy would rush and fill my eyes all the times, and choke my utterance. I had to stay in my room and rejoice and my happy, dear friends would visit me once and awhile and such a [deleted] glorious times this earth never affords to poor sinners-- And my Mollie

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At class meeting on Friday night the good Spirit and all its sweet and heavenly influences were there.-- Our leader called on me to close by prayer after the exercises were over-- and in the act of praying the power of the Spirit seemed to rest upon my soul and almost overcome me, (this poor soul)-- so that I went away rejoicing and from that time till now I have been scarcely able to do anything, my mind would be so abstracted.--

I set down on Saturday evening to answer your letter, but before I wrote half a page, my soul became so full and overwhelmed that I had to stop,-- I could not write.-- I feel the same good Spirit this morning and would delight to write you a full answer to your letter but I cannot
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as I have but a very few minutes this morning and I know not when I ever will have time again-- as I just hastily drop you these lines to tell you My Dearest, precious Mollie, that I know not when I can write you a full answer, for I have so much to do now I can scarcely turn round.-- I want you to write me a long letter in answer to this if it is but a note, and tell me some more of your experience and how you have enjoyed yourself since that happy triumphing hour when "faith lent its realizing light."-- Don't be ashamed, nor affraid [sic] to confess what the Lord has done for you My Beloved Mollie no, no, that is, to those who ought to know.

Be sure and read the Riches of Grace as I asked you Mollie, in connection with your present experience it will confirm and establish your heart in its present height of joy and love.-- We sent on for 5 more copies of it here, all the boys are so anxious to read it.

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Speak to Miss Nellie on the subject, if you think it will be prudent, or any other of your friends that are anxious for a growth in grace and get them enlisted with you and endeavor, My Dearest, to awaken a deep concern on the subject there as there is now with us.-- Oh! the good, the glory which may thus be accomplished.--

Be sure an [sic] answer all my questions concerning Miss Nellie. I'll [deleted] will tell My Dearest, who it is that is inquiring, tis John Norris, of Columbus-- one of my best friends, the first one that raised the shout of triumph this term in Oxford-- he is a happy soul, will join the Conference next winter.--

My case (concerning which I asked your advice) is before the preacher & leaders. I have not heard yet the result of my petition but will in a few days and let you know.-- I went no
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farther down the road than Atlanta.-- But according to friends I shall have to go down on some business to Grantville about the first of May.-- If there should be anything at that time you want from there, or that I can do for you please write me Mollie and you know how happy I will be to do it for you. I can get anything for you and send it down from Atlanta to you on my return.-- You can write home and have arrangements made for sending you whatever you want and I will attend to it as I return.--

My Dearest Mollie, pray much for your own unworthy Young, that he may hold out, be faithful and do the will of God in all things.--

Pardon this as it is only a few lines to warn you that I know not when I can write.-- Write immediately please My Mollie.-- God bless you and keep you in the prayer of your own faithful Young forever.--

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13 Apr '57

Miss Mollie Houston
W. F. college

Care of
Prest. Smith

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