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[Letter from Tsung Cee Then to Young John Allen]

Hong Kong
June 1895

My dear Dr. Allen,

Since your departure for the United States, I left the Anglo-Chinese College and Returned to Hankow for a year.

Afterwards I came to school, on March.

I proposed to re-enter the Anglo-Chinese College but my father told me that he was afrid of your not coming back, & so nobody would look would look after me, so entered this school.

I dont like this school at all, compared with my old school. Now I wish you would entice my father to take me away from this school & to again go to your College.

Has Mr. Bell come back from United-States yet? Please answer my letter as soon as possible. With best regards.

I remain

YoIurs obediently,

Tsung Cee Then

My English name is Edward Jenkins.

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