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[Letter from Young John Allen to Hon. W.W. Rockhill, December 11, 1905]

Code : Ager's General and Social.


Rev. YOUNG J. ALLEN, D.D., LL.D. Editor Review of the Times. Rev. W. A. CORNABY, Editor Chinese Weekly and Christian Review. Rev. DONALD MACGILLIVRAY, M.A., B.D. Rev. W. GILBERT WALSHE, B.A., Recording Secretary. Rev. TIMOTHY RICHARD, D.D., LITT.D., General Secretary.

Dec. 11th, 1905

Hon. W.W. Rockhill
U.S. Minister Plenipotentiary, &c&c
to China --
Dear Sir --

At a recent meeting of the Board of Trustees of our Soochow University, I was requested as their Chairman to call your Excellency's attention to the attitude of the Chinese Government toward our Educational Institutions -- In general the Govt recognizes the treaty right of Toleration, and Chinese are not debarred from membership in the Christian Church, but as Christians, Educated in our institutions, irrespective of their qualifications, they are counted and treated as ineligible to any, even the most inferior offices. Thus showing that the limited toleration they enjoy has reference only to their relation to Foreigners, and by no means implies that this Government
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is disposed to recognize what it is supposed to grant -- Now while [added] an [deleted] we are (averse) [added] averse [unclear] not disposed [deleted] to recognizing the right claimed by the Chinese to inspect our higher institutions and dictate what their curricula shall be, thus attempting to substitute a Confucian for a Christian Curriculum, we would by no means object to recognizing any Curriculum the Government Schools may adopt, and undertake in connection with our system and Courses of study to prepare men to stand the requisite examinations for the respective degrees, if by so doing our graduates are made equally eligible, according to qualification and merit. for appointment to office in the Govt. Services. The point then to which our desire to call your attention resolves itself into this. to wit: [deleted]
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2nd sheet that the measure of toleration granted in the treaties is not sufficient to cover existing conditions, and that unless we insist on [added] a wider recognition on the part of the Govt, we may expect to find our schools ignored and their great value to China depreciated and lost -- We therefore would urge that while China is projecting and adopting reforms , that no reform is more urgent or would be more appropriate and [added] timely than one to grant at once and for all, entire Religious liberty? It would be in harmony with the present aspirations of the Chinese for a Constitutional Govt, and nothing could illegible word [deleted] commend it more fully [added] to the Comity- of nations-- Believing this to be so, we would most earnestly commend this subject of Religious Liberty to your attention and anything you can do toward achieving such a reform will greatly relieve our
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Christian work and, are sure, will not greatly [deleted] a little influence and improve the relations of China with all Christian nations.

Yours [deleted] Respectfully Submitted [added]

Young J. Allen
Board of Trustees of the
Soochow University
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Society for the Diffusion of
Christian and General
Knowledge among the Chinese.

Letter to
H.E. W.W. Rockhill
on the subject
of Religious Liberty in China

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