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[Letter from Young John Allen to his daughter, August 24, 1898]

Animdel Hotel, London
August 24th, 1898

My darling daughter,

When I wrote Ma'ma last I promised that I would write next to you. So now I avail of this muggy day, no unusual one by the way in London, to fulfill briefly that engagement. You have been very kind to noread [unclear] and regularly, but I was sadly dissappoited on my arrival this morning not to find letters from China as some were due when I left the States and orders were left for them to be forwarded direct to London. When I finished Ma'ma's letter we had just arrived at Liverpool. Since then I have visited Glasgow, The Lochs of Scotland, and Edinboro [sic] [Edinburg]
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and arrived in London all within five days. I spent last Monday- today is Saturday in Liverpool and Chester the latter being in Wales and the oldest city in the British Isles. I have some pictures of its quaint buildings.Tuesday I took the train for Glasgow and reached there about 6 o'clock p.m. and spent the next day Wednesday sightseeing in that city. Have some pictures of that also. Thursday morning left for Edinboro [sic] [Edinburg] via Lochs Lomond [unclear] , Katherine [unclear] noread [unclear] spent Friday in Edinburgh and that night came on here by the mail train 35 or 40 miles per hour. So Pulman's Palace Cars are rather a dear luxury in this country. I had to forgo my accustimed rest and so slept more last night. However I do not feel it now though early this morning I could scarcely hold my eyes open. I have not been able to go out much yet as it has been
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raining ever since I arrived. I forgot to tell you in Ma'ma's letter that Aggie noread [unclear] were sending you by me some tatting and ribbons enclosed in a nice little letter which I noread [unclear] to hand you with the articles enclosed. I am beginining to feel homesick I want to see you all so bad and it is so lonesome travelling alone. The city is full of people but I am alone. It is dreadful to meet so many people everywhere yet not know one of them and in consequence have to playnoread [unclear] but I do not inted to cut short my travels because of that. I have entered upon them as a duty and must stick to them till I have completed my tour. When I get home what a nice time we shall have. I shall love you all a deal more and home will be never so cheerful and happy. I am perfectly content to live in Shanghai, only I want you all to be happy and comfortable too. I saw no place in the U.S. that I could prefer to Shanghai and I think Ma'ma's desire to be in the U.S. will be cured by having you with her. Edgar will not need her when he goes to College and I shall be willing to trust him at Oxford. Tell him he must study hard now and be ready soon to go and take his place with others of his age at old Emory. Now my dear daughter do not complain that this is a short letter. I have done the best that I can at present and as it is disposed to quit raining. I will go out and see what London looks like. Many kisses to you and all the dear ones. Kiss Ma'ma for me and noread [unclear] yournoread [unclear] .



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