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[Letter from Mary H. Allen to Mellie]


Dear Mellie,

I did not go by San Francisco, to see Ethel -- felt I could not stand the fatigue of the journey. We have had a very pleasant trip so far, and have met with much kindness from travelling companions. We have stood the trip very well for us, but Alice had such a severe attack of neuralgia day before yesterday that we were obliged to get off the train at Fort William for her to rest. We spent a night and a day there - then came on here. Do you know Montreal? It is a lovely old city. I can't remember if you were ever here. We shall see Mary Turner and the boys and Harry tomorrow, and will make our first visit there. Margaret invited us to visit her
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in June but I do not feel strong enough to go to Florida in Summer.

Mrs. Cobb invited us to visit her at Montreal in June and July. I do not know yet just when we shall go South. I am sorry not to see big George and little George sooner. I am so very tired travelling. Shall be so glad to get to Mary's and have a rest.

Ethel will come east with Mary B. in July. I was very sorry not to see her, but the extra journey from Vancouver to San Francisco would have been so fatiguing to me. I do not like the Canadian Pacific Rail Road. It is extremely rough -- cars do not run smooth. But the trip on the Monteagle was pleasant. Neither Alice or I was really seasick though we had a few rough days -- by keeping on deck we escaped seasickness.

I hope you and the girls will have a pleasant Summer. Write me at once to Mary Turner's care. Harry is not going South yet awhile.

With much love to all,
Your devoted Mother,

Mary H. Allen

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