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[Letter from Geo. Bell to Y.J.Allen, March 25, 1892]

Oxford, GA
March 25, 1892

My dear Doctor;

Your kind and thoughtful letter of the 24th Feb. reached me last week and I must acknowledge it at once. I am so glad that you allow me to write any details or chestnut to you.

Everything in Oxford goes on smoothly. The people have been kind to me and I am quite satisfied with it. Boys tease me very little and are all getting on well. We have some mightly boys at our hall and no doubt heap good will be done
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among the irreligious boys. Dr. Candler is earnest in preaching, diligent in teaching and busy in managing the College affairs. We boys all love him so much.

Last week Bro. Eakes (our pastor in charge) wanted me to preach in his country church in Shiloh. I went there and preached morn- ing service for him. I was very well rec'd by the people out there. Afternoon we went to the church again and practised some songs. After they found out I can sing and play on the organ, they wanted me to sing some Chinese
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songs for them. I sang the old S. S. song "Jesus loves me this I know" and some of the young ladies tried to follow the chorus. They remem- bered Ya-Su but they could not catch up E-ngu.

Today is cold and raining - cold and without coal. Every boy is trying to cut the wood and burn them instead of coal. Bro. Bailey, out Junior boy, made appoint- ment for me to lecture in Monroe todya, but since the weather is so bad and the rain pours down like anything we decided to put
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up till next Friday.

Our students missionary band will have a miss- ionary meeting next week in Covington and Bro. Yiin and I were appointed to lead the meeting in our nation continues. Our band is trying to raise up some money to help the missionary cause.

I have finished my B. Ph. Fresh. Medieval history, and last week was our examination and I got 9.9 This week we began the Modern history. Last Wednesday was the first time Dr. Candler called on me the Soph Bible. If I can stay
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here long enough I wish so much to take a regular B. Ph. course or H. B. course. If I take the regular course I think I can join the Fresh ex- cept Greek and Latin.

Please thank Mr. Loche for his interesting to the Wesleyan Adv. in regards to both Yiin and me. If I have enough time to spare I wish I would write a letter to the Advocate too.

Enclosed please hand to Chung Grun Kong or his brother.

It is now getting late and I will go to bed. Good night
My dear Dr.

Your obt. faithful,

Geo H. Bell
(K. T. Tsoong)

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