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Letter from Warren Akin Candler to Young John Allen, February 6, 1892

President's Office

February 6, 1892

My Dear Dr. Allen:

Yours of recent date has been received.

Tsoong-Kia Tsin came in on good time and is fully at his work. He is not altogether as intellectual as Yun but is making a good impression.

Yun has spoken somewhat in Georgia and next Sunday both of them will go with me to Atlanta for a missionary meeting. I have never known the missionary spirit in Emory College so strong, resolute and intelligent. There are good recruits for the field among our young men. I have good hope that the debt will be lifted from the Board by June and some new men sent out in the fall.

I think I can get the $115 returned to you -- money used in sending Tsoong Kia Tsin out.

Your kind words personal to myself are encouraging. I often feel very ill suited to this field [deleted] work and am ready to quit it. Indeed I came here on face [unclear] of what seemed Providence -- not of my own desire or procuring. But God has been good. The College has prospered beyond all former years and I should be content.

Dr. [Potter's?] death was a great loss. He was the head of our missionary work. The other field secretary while clever [unclear] man does not grasp the situation as did Doctor Potter [unclear] . Many of us though are trying to help and the light is breaking. Relief come [unclear] to you. Don't despond a moment. Your burden I know is heavy and the sluggishness of the Church to respond with cordial coorperation makes me fret at times. But the church is waking up. This year I am certain will show marked advance, despite the financial depression which prevails all over the South.

The January opening of the College was very fine, exceeding the fall attendance considerably. We have now 287 enrolled. We will reach 300 I think. I wish you could look in on us and speak to our boys. Some of them you will yet see in China.

May our Father's blessings abide with you always.

I am yours affectionately,

W. A. Candler

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